Secret Handshake: (Society: ● )
Cost: 1 Legend
Roll: Manipulation + Presence (Willpower + Legend)

Before anything else can happen people must establish who is within their circles.This boon allows for the Scion to pretend to be a member of that circle. The Scion rolls Manipulation + Presence with a difficulty of the target’s Willpower + Legend. On a successful roll the Scion is aware of a Social Circle that the target are a part of. It can be anything from the PTA or The Masons, or the CIA. Once the Scion is aware of the circle it also grants them bonus dice to interactions involving pretending to be a part of that social circle. The bonus is equal to the threshold successes on the initial roll.

Lines Of Communication: (Society: ●● )
Cost: 1 Legend per Target

When villages or cities or towns are first set up, or even when people sit down around a fire the first things that are established are the Lines of communication. From the capital to rural villages, or just to the next person in the fire circle, there is nothing more vital to a community than messages. With this boon it makes it possible to send a message to anyone that can be reached. It doesn’t matter if they are on a deserted island, the message will still be received. It isn’t perfect though, it can still be traced back to the source, and it can be stopped. For example: a person on the deserted island might receive a message in a bottle wash ashore. While someone who works in an office might retrieve an email from someone. If someone tries to track the email it would return the address of the location that the boon was used. If the boon creates a carrier pigeon it can still be intercepted and won’t reach the intended recipient. If that is the case, the legend is still spent.

The Scion doesn’t need to actually craft the message physically, or even prepare it ahead of time. The message is simply made by the power of this boon. The Scion doesn’t need to be awake for this boon to be activated, but they will not be able to receive any message. This is not telepathic, nor is it perfect. The ST is in charge of how and when the message is delivered. The message will try to be delivered in anyway it can, though not the always the most obvious. An email is certainly one way to get a message to a corporate office in New York, but so is a Bike Messenger.

Communal Blessing: (Society: ●●● )
Cost: 1 Willpower
Roll: Varies, See Below

When people gather together, they often share what they have, to get through the tough times, or just to make sure their community thrives. With this boon Scions may share resources, that normally are unable to be given away. By spending a Willpower and the costs of another boon the Scion grants a Touched person the benefits of the second boon. This Boon can not be used with Mystery, Magic, or Prophecy, nor any Patheon Specific Purview. The second boon lasts no longer than a Scene.

IE: If someone is granted the benefits of Vigil Brand (Guardian ●), the recipient would be aware of the branded target for the rest of the scene, but if they were to be granted Unbarred Entry (Psychopomp ●●●) They would only have the ability to go through the wall once, and then need to be granted the ability again.


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