Children of Eden

Worst Mall Ever...

A year ago, the Scions were visited by their divine parents, and explained their mission. A Rogue group of Scions, Loki’s and Set’s among them, have switched sides and begun helping the Titans.

After 10 months of training and 2 months of tracking they finally found them: inside the Manzanar Mall in California. They made short work of them and interrogated the lone survivor: Ashton.

He spun a different tale: That he wasn’t a Scion of any of the “old gods” but instead they were all sons and daughters of some new group “The Digital Domain.”

Local News:
“There is a chance that fans of the group ‘Shatterstorm’, well known for their fans claim to fame of being the ‘Most Occult’ band, have been spotted recently recruiting people to portray mummies in a potential new music video. They were unavailable for comment. [Smile and laugh] Either that, or the Dead need public transportation more then we do.” [Pic: 5 Mummies with 2 Roadies with ‘Shatterstorm’ Tees. One of them is attempting to block the Camera.]

National News: “International Disaster strikes as the levies surrounding Holland burst, flooding select areas. Most of the other levies held, so no permanent damage was done. Local Scientists claim that there was a small earthquake off the coast. They are unsure at this time what caused it.”

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