Mitch "Mother F******" Tatem

Brutal Metal Warrior, the Force of Passion


Heavy Metal. Mitch is the living embodiment of the Rock sub culture. Torn jeans, long hair (well not recently), a totally rocking long beard (also not recently) and a penchant for being loud and vulgar: these are Mitch’s good points. His brown eyes may have the look of a lazy bum but when angered or whipped into a rage, Mitch’s countenance can quickly change to that of a wild beast.


Rarely far from a guitar or a device that could play music since early childhood, Mitch learned the truth held in the emotion of music. Like many children that defined themselves by music, Mitch encompassed himself with band t-shirts and concert swag but there always seemed to be something missing. Now that his Ichor has reformed, every song seems to have a little more emotion to it, a little more power. The primitive soul has awakened and divine force has begun to fuel the passion that is Mitch Tatem’s music. Can he control this newfound fury that burns within before his adoptive divines come to claim their due?

Mitch "Mother F******" Tatem

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